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            3. Bag-on-Valve

              Compared to traditional spray technology (and other alternative packaging) Bag-on-Valve has several benefits, for manufacturers, consumers as well as the environment.

              The Benefits>>

              1.Safety and environmental benefits
              . No need for flammable propellants
              . Hygienic and sterilisable
              .Used with eco-friendly air or nitrogen
              . Less need for preservatives
              2.Consumer benefits
              . Up to 100% product emptying
              . Longer shelf life with less preservatives
              . Even and controlled spraying pattern for optimal result
              . No pumping motion needed
              . Can be used at all angles
              . Reduced spray noise
              . Less-chilling product discharge
              3.Production and distribution benefits
              . Longer shelf life for oxygen-sensitive products
              . Effective filling process
              . Suitable for both liquid and viscous products
              . Can be used with standard actuators and aerosol cans.
              The Bag-on-Valve system consists of an aerosol valve with a welded bag. The product is placed inside the bag while the propellant is filled in the space between bag and can. The product is dispensed by the propellant simply squeezing the bag, thus pushing the contents out of the can.



              Bag-on-valve is suitable for products such as
              . Deodorants
              . Lotions
              . Shower gels
              . Shaving gels
              . Shaving foam
              . Facial wash
              . Self tanning sprays
              . Intim hygiene
              Bag-on-valve is suitable for products such as
              . Eye washes
              . Barrier creams and ointments
              . Nasal sprays
              . Spray plasters
              . Wound washes
              . Auricular sprays
              . Wound irrigation
              . Disinfectant sprays
              . Disinfectant sprays
              . Baby Care products
              . Veterinary products
              →FOOD AND NUTRITION:
              Bag-on-valve is suitable for products such as
              . Cooking oils
              . Cheeses
              . Flavor sprays
              . Food supplements

              Bag-on-valve is suitable for products such as
              . Fire extinguishers
              . Car care products
              . Air fresheners
              . Disinfectants
              . Ink cartridges


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